It’s Time to Make Your Own Luck if you Want To Be Successful in Business

Michael and Eric at a recent company event

At 600 Global we do not believe in luck. We believe in hard work, preparation and most importantly, having the right mindset to be successful. Your beliefs, the way you talk to yourself (no, we’re not crazy) and your actions all affect your mentality. The good news – you have the control, and ability, to change your habits!

Here are some of our tips to develop a successful mentality and make your own luck:

1. Change your habits. Aristotle once wisely wrote, “We are what we repeatedly do.” The first way to change your mentality is to change your habits, and then continue to do so repeatedly until you have created new habits and a different belief. Too many people use the excuse, ‘it’s just a bad habit.’ At 600 Global, we say, ‘so change it.’ It’s a choice not a prison sentence.

2. Close the gap. There is a difference between knowing what to do, and actually doing it. We call that ‘closing the gap’. The only thing standing in your way once you have the knowledge to do something is your own mentality. Nike had it right when they developed the slogan Just Do It. Once again, the ball is in your court. At 600 Global we believe that intellect is irrelevant if you don’t have the desire, or action, to put it to use.

3. Talk to yourself more and listen to yourself less. Okay. We admit, at first that sounds a little nutty. However, it is completely truthful. We tend to listen to the doubtful and negative ‘voices’ in our head all too often. So the only way to change those thoughts from negative to positive is to talk to yourself. Out loud. Tell yourself what you want to think. “I will….” “I’m going to ….” “This is going to work because…” Daily affirmations? You bet. Again, after time, these positive thoughts will become habits and you will start seeing the positive in all situations. Don’t believe us? Try it for 21 days. Your perception will start to become your reality.

If you’ve never thought this way before, it can definitely sound a little crazy, but when you realize the impact that your mentality has on your results it becomes a very powerful thing. Great leadership is being able to teach people how to think and the Management team here at 600 Global is committed to helping develop the right mentality for employees to be successful, with our company and in life.

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It’s Time to Make Your Own Luck if you Want To Be Successful in Business

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