Raising the Bar at 600 Global: Meet Graham Valdes

Graham pictured with HR Director Jenny McGuire

If you are familiar with 600 Global you may know that our mission is to represent our clients with the utmost integrity, while cultivating the natural abilities of our employees to find their true confidence. Graham Valdes is the embodiment of this mission. CEO Michael Christopher had this to say about Graham: “He is the most caring guy I know. He’s thoughtful and will do whatever it takes to help his team.”

grahamLong before working with 600 Global Graham already had the competitive drive to succeed imprinted in his DNA. He comes from a family of collegiate athletes and he himself was a high jumper at Iowa. No doubt that this competitive athletic background has spilled over into this business career. “Coming from a competitive family, losing is not okay. I was taught early on to have a no excuses mentality,” added Graham.

Graham joined 600 Global in 2012 and has been a key asset ever since. As a company that strives for constant improvement and development of our people, one of the most valuable skills that someone can possess is the ability to coach and train others. This is an area — one of the many, in fact —  that Graham thrives in. Being able to enhance someone’s skills, help them set and achieve personal goals, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset is not an easy task. We set out to uncover why Graham has been so successful in these areas.

One thing he mentioned is that successfully coaching someone starts with being able to help them change their mentality and perception. Graham also explained that to motivate his team he makes it a point to truly get to know them as individuals and find out their ‘why’ – the underlying, internal and personal factor that will motivate them better than anything else. “If I can find out their ‘why’ then I can relate everything back to how being successful at 600 Global can help them achieve their goals,” explained Graham.

So what is Graham’s ‘why’? He told us very simply and frank, “To live a better lifestyle.” He is committed to his goals so he can live a different way of life than most people. With his no excuse attitude, competitive nature and commitment to helping others succeed, paired with 600 Global’s no seniority advancement structure, Graham Valdes is a force to be reckoned with!

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Raising the Bar at 600 Global: Meet Graham Valdes

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