2017 is Coming But Forget the New Years Resolutions and Do This Instead

December is already wrapping up and this time of year millions of people are starting to think about their New Year resolutions… but we aren’t. Not really, at least.

It’s not because we are anti-goal. Quite the opposite actually! At 600 Global in Phoenix, AZ we are all about setting goals. 

Here at 600 Global all team members are encouraged to set daily and weekly goals… in addition to short term and long term! Why? Because a dream without a plan is just a wish! And if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Okay, enough of the cliché quotes… but really. If you don’t have goals… what are you working for or towards? Has anyone ever taught you how to set goals? Probably not. Such is the case for most of our employees also. This is why we sit down with our team, one on one, to uncover their goals and actually explain effective goal setting. And then hold them accountable of course!

So with all of this goal talk, you are probably wondering why we don’t support New Year resolutions at 600 Global. It’s not that we don’t support them, we just feel as though they are unnecessary and typically ineffective.

Here’s why:

A lot of people almost feel obligated to set a resolution. It’s not uncommon for people to join the pack of the resolution-ers just for the sake of jumping on the bandwagon. Are these last minute resolutions things that you are so passionate about that you have a deep down drive to accomplish them and are 100% committed to type of goals? Usually not. Hence the reason most people give up on said resolutions before achieving them.

l0hlxaavvveie6foaAt 600 Global we don’t believe that you need a new year for a new start. Why wait an entire year to do something that you are excited about? That just seems silly to us. Start next week, start tomorrow, heck, start today! All you need is the desire and decision to commit in order to set and work towards a new goal. So, although New Year resolutions are all the rave every January 1st, we don’t buy in to all of the hype. While everyone else is waiting for a New Year to start working towards their goals, here we are at 600 Global, day in and day out, getting a head start!


2017 is Coming But Forget the New Years Resolutions and Do This Instead

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