Training, Training, and More Training at 600 Global

600-global-training600 Global is known for being one of the top sales and marketing firms in Phoenix, and there’s a simple secret to our 17 years of success… thorough, intense, hands-on training offered to all of our employees.

Training has two important results that have proven invaluable to us:

(1) Training ensures that our clients receive nothing but a professional representation of their respective brands. A seamless transition between our company and theirs and measurable results are what keep our clients coming back for more.

(2) Training is our way of providing all 600 Global employees with the tools that they’ll need to be successful in any business — not just ours. When our people succeed individually we succeed as a whole.

There’s a really great quote by motivational speaker and consultant, Denis Waitley, that’s been stuck in our heads ever since the first day we read it:

“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.” -Denis Waitley

So continuous learning opportunities are precisely what we strive to provide our team on a daily basis at 600 Global. Almost two decades have proven that when people are challenged it means they are growing. And when they are growing it means they have a sense of fulfillment in their lives and careers. And when they feel fulfilled they feel happy. And so all of us succeed as a team.

For those in our leadership development program, ongoing training is intended to prepare an individual of any experience level for an executive-level role. This means providing a solid foundation in the most important aspects of our business which are marketing, sales, and team leadership.

Marketing – Our clients have outsourced their direct, face to face marketing efforts to 600 Global. In addition to the core product knowledge, representatives are also given the tools necessary to give an in-person marketing presentation to customers on a one on one basis. This also helps develop organization, communication and public speaking skills.

Sales – The most important service that we provide to our clients is increasing their revenue – bringing them new customers – increasing their sales! It’s imperative that all of our representatives are well versed in understanding buying signals, how to negotiate, closing skills as well as being able to navigate a customer through the sales process. Since we do not require our entry level employees to have any sales experience prior to joining our team, this is an area that we teach and coach upon every day within our Phoenix office.

Team Leadership – We view leadership training as an investment in our team members as well as the future of our company. We are proud to have a strict policy of only promoting from within. Leadership seminars, internal office training and application are a few of the ways that we empower our team, giving them the ability to take on leadership roles within our company as they are learning.

To read more about the training provided at 600 Global visit our Careerbuilder page.

Training, Training, and More Training at 600 Global

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