Want to Make a Great First Impression? Don’t Skip These 3 Tips

600-global-firstimpressionHere at 600 Global in Phoenix, AZ, some of the largest companies in the world trust us with face to face interactions with their customers. It’s safe to say that having a GREAT first impression is pretty vital. But first impressions are just as essential in every-day life as in business. Check out our tips to have an awesome first impression, regardless of the situation.

TIP #1: Smile! It seems pretty cheesy (no pun intended) but by flashing those pearly whites you are showing that you are approachable, confident, relaxed and happy to be there. Making someone feel comfortable with you from the very beginning is the start of a successful relationship. And nothing is worse than feeling unwelcome. A smile can be the deciding factor.


TIP #2: Make eye contact. Don’t stare into someone’s soul, but look them in the eye while they, or you, are speaking. Non-verbal communication is extremely important in first impressions. Not only does this exhibit confidence but it also shows respect and trust. Have you ever had someone staring off into the distance while you were talking to her? Maybe she was paying more attention to her phone than you? Didn’t it feel like whatever she was paying attention to was more important than what you were saying? Or maybe he wasn’t able to look you in the eye. You instantly felt that he was lying. Both are detrimental to a first impression.


TIP #3: Shake their hand. Firmly. Notice we didn’t say, ‘kill their hand.’ Too strong of a handshake makes it seem like you have to overpower someone to show your strength or dominance. It’s noticeable and annoying. And please. Please. Don’t do the “dead fish” shake. Never. Male or female, do not extend a limp, droopy hand for a handshake. Especially in the business world, it’s unprofessional and shows a lack of confidence. A solid, firm, ‘pleasure to meet you’, confident handshake is where it’s at.


600 Global has built a reputation upon being professional, friendly and delivering quality results. Being able to develop great relationships with customers is big part of those results. Having a strong, positive, and lasting first impression is half the battle when beginning any relationship – professional or personal.

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Want to Make a Great First Impression? Don’t Skip These 3 Tips

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