600 Global Defines Competitive Teamwork

600 Global in Phoenix, Arizona has a unique blend of competitive spirit along with a culture of teamwork. Although the team is comprised of very hard working and driven individuals, they come together very well to achieve common goals and help one another on their way to success. But that doesn’t stop them from reaping the benefits of the healthy competition that linger amongst each other.

First, you should know that a good portion of the 600 Global employees are former athletes because it explains a lot. They are used to working as a team but also competing with each other to bring out their best performances. That team camaraderie that they are used to from their sports teams also carries over into the professional world. Many times the team will get together outside of work to attend or watch sporting events and cheer on their favorite teams, and of course, root against their rivals. This is just another way that the 600 Global team bonds with one another. 8kh6xfg372m12

One employee, Jenna Harris, was a collegiate tennis player prior to joining the Phoenix marketing and sales team. Her favorite player is Roger Federer. “He just has so much class and is insanely good at tennis. He’s been in the game for so long and just when people count him out he wins another major, it’s unbelievable,” explained Jenna. Staying true to her competitive nature, Jenna told us that if she could get rid of any NFL team she would definitely say ‘buh bye’ to the New York Giants! “My boyfriend is a huge Eagles fan so I’ve come to hate the Giants now since they are rivals, and let’s be real….the Giants suck,” she said with a laugh.

600 Global challenges their employees to push their own limits and set lofty goals for themselves. Like many people, Jenna loves to travel and experience some of the largest sporting events in the world. Being a former tennis player, her goal has always been to travel to where all four of the major tennis tournaments are around the world. So far she has made it to Wimbledon in London, Roland Garros in France and the U.S. Open. Her next destination is the Australian Open!

To learn more about this Phoenix team be sure to check them out on Facebook!

600 Global Defines Competitive Teamwork

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