600 Global Reviews the Value of Military Experience in Business

At 600 Global in Phoenix, Arizona our company continues to grow year after year since the late 90’s. We represent some of the largest brands in the world and work with some of the most dynamic professionals in the industry. One thing that sets us apart from other companies is the fact that we do not require our employees to have experience in the sales and marketing industry. We prefer for them to come to us with a multitude of valuable transferable skills that will set them up for success. Because of this belief, our team is made up of many different backgrounds and experience, but one thing we cannot ignore is the value that someone with military experience brings to our company. Here are just some of the skills that we have found they possess and why they are so beneficial to us.

Personal discipline. It is no secret that the military holds their people to extremely high standards in all aspects. We share the belief that if someone cannot manage small details, take personal responsibility and give their best in everything they do; they will not be able to handle bigger responsibilities that come with higher professional positions. This is why all of our employees begin in an entry level position and have to prove their abilities before advancing within the company.

Leadership ability. Although we do provide leadership training here at 600 Global, the military instills basic leadership practices that we see helping immensely. An important title does not automatically make someone a great leader; leadership is earned. The military, as we do, recognizes the importance of building trust and respect with your team.

Teamwork. The idea that when people can come together and work towards a greater good for all is one that will never go out of style, especially at 600 Global. From as early as basic training, the military does an amazing job at showing and teaching recruits that sometimes you have to put your individual needs aside for the needs of your team.

Tenacity. Being a part of the military will put you in all sorts of uncomfortable situations that help build character and the ability to overcome adversity. Although the demands in the business world may not be physical, there are definitely plenty of adversaries to be overcome. Having the grit to keep pushing forward when times get tough is something that we respect and desire!

Communication skills, strong work ethic, good etiquette, working under stress and being decisive. We could go on and on about even more qualities that the military develops and why we seek out these skills in our employees. To learn more about the career opportunities with 600 Global and why our company continues to excel, be sure to look us up on CareerBuilder.

600 Global Reviews the Value of Military Experience in Business

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