The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it — Here’s How 600 Global Did Just That

600-global-andrey-blake-moses-michael-mike-shea600 Global (Phoenix, AZ) has a mantra, “Personal and business development for a more confident future.” We apply this in the work we do for our clients as well as the opportunities that we provide our employees. In a world full of uncertainty, partnering with a well-established company like ours is key. Read on to learn how we’ve planted our feet so firmly on the ground.

The clients that we represent are amongst the biggest in the technology and communication industries. Their brands are in the hands of only the most carefully selected partners. As a leader in our industry since the late 90’s, we have consistently followed through on a commitment to integrity and increased profit margins for our clients. We continue to help them expand their brand awareness as well as generate new revenue and increase their customer bases on a national level. Their confidence in us continues to allow 600 Global to grow and provide more opportunities for our employees.

160729-NatCon2016_Dallas-52103.jpgMichael, the founder and CEO of our company, believes strongly in the ongoing training and development of our employees into strong business people. With an impressive two decades of success under his belt, he is extremely hands on in all regards, especially when it comes to equipping them with the knowledge and skills that will help them in future leadership roles within the organization. 

When it comes to our team members, we consider their future to be our future. Every entry level associate with the right drive and dedication has an opportunity to grow internally within the company based on their proven performance. Through the course of their on-the-job training, they are set up for success in business. Coming out of college with a degree is one thing, but having the experience, know-how and confidence to excel in the business world is a whole other story. And this is something that we have proven to do very well at 600 Global. The years of experience and knowledge that our executive team has gained is considered wasted unless it is shared with others.

To learn more about our company growth and workplace environment, be sure to check us out on LinkedIn.

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it — Here’s How 600 Global Did Just That

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