7 Entrepreneurial Tips for Success

600 Global (Phoenix, AZ) aims to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in every one of our employees. We do so by offering a unique growth opportunity within our firm as well as providing leadership coaching and mentoring to our team. Here are our top seven entrepreneurial tips for success that you can start implementing today!

  1. Stop making excuses At 600 Global we teach our people to own it. Good or bad, take responsibility. We are more concerned with learning than we are with failures, as are all successful entrepreneurs. (See #2 and #3)
  2. Learn from your mistakes We have a saying, if you’re not failing you’re not growing. What we mean by this is that if you aren’t making mistakes you are probably lingering in your comfort zone which doesn’t allow you to learn and improve.
  3. Don’t let failure stop you – In order to succeed you first must fail…probably numerous times. As we already stated in number two, learning from those failures is the most important thing. In sales and business, it’s easy to give up when failure strikes, but we encourage our people to fail forward and fail fast. Learn from those failures and move on quickly.
  4. Remove negative people from your life – Our corporate culture condemns negativity. Everyone has struggles, problems, issues and dilemmas, but how you handle them is a choice. Whether in personal setting or professional, having Debbie Downer around simply pulls you in the opposite direction of your goals.
  5. Think big – Don’t succumb to being average. Here at 600 Global, we push our people to set goals that scare them. Only then will they know what they are truly capable of.
  6. Never sacrifice your values and ethics – Doing what’s right and what is easy are not usually the same thing, but there is undeniably only one way to choose if you are to wind up a success.
  7. Never let other people determine your success – You are the only one who can decide your fate. It’s what you are willing to put in that will determine how far you go. Never, ever let anyone tell you otherwise. In our merit-based company, we embrace this every day.

So there you have it. Our top seven entrepreneurial tips for success. To learn more about the corporate culture of 600 Global that helps instills these beliefs, be sure to check out what it’s like working at our firm.

7 Entrepreneurial Tips for Success

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