600 Global CEO on the Importance of Philanthropy [INSIGHT]

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Corporate social responsibility is one of the many admirable traits possessed by 600 Global (Phoenix, AZ). We were lucky enough to speak with CEO Michael Sessions about philanthropy and his stance on giving back to the community.

Recently, Michael donated to a fundraiser that serves a community in the Dominican Republic. He made the decision to sponsor a hole in the foundation’s golf tournament, which was held in order to raise money for a community center in Hoyo Oscuro, Dominican Republic that serves 98 families or roughly 580 people.Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 4.51.33 PM

“The foundation is set up to support a community in the DR. The goal is to raise enough money so that, over time, the village can be self-sufficient and will not have to rely on donors. It was really great to help out such an awesome cause.”

Michael is no stranger to philanthropy — the 600 Global team has worked with the Red Cross, Autism Speaks, and has even raised close to $15,000 for Operation Smile over their 18 years of business. Although, he doesn’t think that you need money to be able to help others.

“We try to help out whenever we get the chance! If I can play golf and give $1,000 to a charity that is helping families in need, that’s wonderful.

But you do not need to be wealthy to give. Volunteering time is extremely valuable and it is always appreciated by these organizations and you don’t need any money to do that.

My wife and I spend time at a place called UMOM, which is the largest shelter in Arizona for battered and homeless women and their children. We go down there and help give out food and wash dishes.”

The selfless acts of these organizations are something that Michael enjoys taking part in. 600 Global has worked with several organizations to volunteer and donate, so we asked Michael about his favorite philanthropic interest. It is no surprise that he is most interested in helping children in need, especially since he has three of his own.Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 4.47.09 PM

“I like organizations that help children who can’t defend themselves or care for themselves yet. They need the most help. These kids don’t really have a voice, so working with groups like Operation Smile allows us to have a voice for them. I have three kids, so I definitely feel that it is important to help these children get access to safe care.”

This attitude is an amazing example for other businesses to follow. It is no wonder that 600 Global has been in business for 18 years, especially with a successful, courageous, and socially responsible CEO like Michael.

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600 Global CEO on the Importance of Philanthropy [INSIGHT]

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