5 Hilarious Halloween Costumes to Start Shopping For [LIST]

Tis the season to start looking for an awesome Halloween costume here at 600 Global (Phoenix, AZ)! We sure are a competitive bunch, so it will surely be interesting to see who has the best costume this year! These 5 costumes are still fresh, original, and definitely some of the most creative ones that we have come across!


Amazon Prime

Get it?! Amazon Prime! The combination of Optimus Prime and the online shopping hub’s shipping boxes yields an impressively funny result. It is also inexpensive depending on what came in those boxes!


Harry Potter and Hagrid

Attention Fathers! This is a perfect costume to put on with your child for a night of trick-or-treating! Although, it would be difficult to pull it off as well as these guys – they really look like Hagrid and Harry!


Top Gun

What is more adorable than two babies riding in a carriage-plane with aviators and flight suits on?! Nothing! If you have two little kids at home and you’re wondering what you can dress them up as this Halloween, look no further! You’ll be sure to get loads of compliments from fans of the movie; however, the only downside would be the amount of candy your kiddos will get!


101 Dalmatians

Who said you can’t bring your dog to a Halloween party!? With the amount of dog lovers at 600 Global, this costume will surely go fast! Although, if someone has a Dalmatian, then the other dog owners must concede! This costume is a great way to throw on a stylish wig and get your dog involved in all of the fun!


Will Ferrel Characters

What do all of these people have in common? They are all Will Ferrel characters! Of course, you will need 6 other friends (or coworkers at 600 Global) to complete this hilarious ensemble – but that shouldn’t be too hard! It would be easier on the rest of the group because now they don’t have to go scouring department stores for an original costume! It sure would be hard to pick between Elf, Chazz Michael Michaels, Mugatu, Ron Burgundy, Steve Butabi, Jackie Moon, and Ricky Bobby!



If you are able to put together any of these costumes – you will surely win any Halloween costume. Unless they are all in one place!



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5 Hilarious Halloween Costumes to Start Shopping For [LIST]

Happy 18th Birthday 600 Global! Interview with our CEO [PART 3]


Back in April, we began an interview mini-series with the founder of 600 Global in celebration of our company’s 18th anniversary. This month, we caught up with Michael again to learn a little more about the people and practices that help him reach his own goals and have positioned him to guide others in fulfilling their own.

Now the CEO of a company with over 80 offices and approximately 600 employees across the United States, he has come a long way from the 10-year-old who wanted to be a fighter pilot after seeing Top Gun. Like many successful individuals, Michael credits much of his success those who have supported and mentored him in his endeavors. He names God, his wife, and Bob Proctor as a few. When it comes to business, he stresses the importance of having a student mentality and never thinking you’re too important to learn from someone.

“I’m a good student of anyone that’s doing a better job than I am. The world is way different than when I started in 1999. I actually learn a ton from newer entrepreneurs, so many of them come to the table with fresh ideas. It’s just like that saying, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.’”


Any employer can testify that it’s vital to trust the people who work for you, and after 18 years in business, Michael knows this all too well. He explains that he’s learned this lesson after giving certain people the benefit of the doubt before they deserved it. “I wanted more for them than they wanted for themselves. But I can only be part of the equation.” It’s through these experiences that he has developed a high standard for what it takes to earn his trust. But he doesn’t believe in mistakes.


“As an entrepreneur, you’re going to try things and they’re not going to work, and you’re just kind of going to go back to the drawing board, learn from it, and keep going.”

These days, he seeks out employees who are self-driven, “down for whatever,” and above all, full of grit. He doesn’t care what you look like, who your dad is, or where you went to college. “Talent loses to grit every time. That’s what I’m looking for. I want a badass.”

Keep an eye out for the conclusion to this series over on the 600 Global blog!


Happy 18th Birthday 600 Global! Interview with our CEO [PART 3]