5 Sales Tips That Will Help You Close Those Deals [LIST]

At 600 Global (Phoenix, AZ), we know first hand how essential sales skills are in business. Our industry is competitive and requires diligence, charm, impeccable social skills, long hours, and a dedicated work ethic. The opportunity for growth and earning potential, however, makes all of the hard work worth it.

Here are 5 sales tips to always keep in mind while on your journey to success!

1.  Personal Development 

In order to be successful in sales you must be confident in and of yourself. Focusing on professional goals is essential to succeeding in your job; but setting and accomplishing personal goals will make you a more self-assured salesperson. Read books, watch videos, take notes on any motivational or self-confidence boosting material that will improve your personal life. It will undoubtedly benefit you in the professional realm.

2. Know the Product

Become an expert of the product that you are selling. Learn all of the ‘ins and outs’ of your product until you know it like the back of your hand. The internet is fabulous place for obtaining knowledge on subjects that were otherwise impossible to learn about. By becoming a fountain of knowledge for customers and team members, you will be more confident in your ability to sell your product. This is one of the reasons why we are so successful at 600 Global.

3. Leave it at the Door

However long your workday is, it is important that you are spending that time setting goals and closing deals. By focusing on personal drama, you will only be holding yourself back and creating a distraction from the progress you are trying to make. Leave those problems at the door!

4. Listen

People enjoy being listened to. They certainly do not like to be talked at and, in sales, this can make or break a deal. Guide the conversation by letting the customer talk when they want to talk and know how to answer questions that they have. You can guide the horse to the water, but you certainly can’t force them to drink it. This will unquestionably strengthen your relationship with them.

5. Relationship-based Selling 

This is a big focus here at 600 Global. Learn the first names of your clients as soon as you can. When you call them, there is no need to get down and dirty with business talk right away. Chit chat is how you start off any relationship and it is the same in business. Get to know your clients first. Remember special dates like birthdays and their local holidays by setting reminders on your phone or computer. Send your clients cards and emails in celebration of these dates. This personal relationship matters and it will strengthen your professional relationship with your clients.


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5 Sales Tips That Will Help You Close Those Deals [LIST]

5 Things The Arizona Cardinals Need To Do to Win [List]

largeIt’s fair to say that none of us at 600 Global were satisfied with the results of the Cardinal’s season last year. From a team that went 13-3 in 2015, they finished with a pitiful record of 7-8-1 in 2016 and didn’t even clinch a playoff spot.

All in all, 600 Global hasn’t had much to cheer for lately besides the Diamondbacks. They’re the only team that has showed promise lately, but the good news is that it is the start of a new season.

The Cardinals have all the pieces, it’s just a matter of putting them all together. If the Cardinals can do these 5 things, they’re bound to have a great season.

600 Global

1 Keep pressure off of Palmer

It’s difficult for your passing game to have an effect on the game if you can’t throw the ball. Not to mention the psychological aspect of worrying about pressure every time you drop back in the pocket. If the Cardinal’s line can give Carson enough time to survey the field, he has the talent and arm strength to deliver a strike to his dangerous receiving core.

2 Take your medicine

To piggy-back off of the last point, the deep ball isn’t the only way to score points. Last season the Cardinals fell into the habit of slinging the ball downfield and trying to make big plays rather than working the ball down the field. The Cardinals have such a fast receiving core, it only makes sense to utilize crossing routes and quick outs to pick up 5-10 yards at a time. Those plays accumulate and it opens up the run game.

3 Use David Johnson appropriately

David Johnson is arguably the best running back in the game right now so it’s important to utilize him properly. The Cardinal’s offense is very dangerous, but it requires the proper balance of pass plays, run plays, and play-action plays for them to have an impact. He’s too good of an asset to sit in the backfield and protect the quarterback every play, but you can’t give him 40 carries a game every week either.

4 Play consistent defense

It almost seemed like each week there was a different defense on the field. One week the Cardinals were forcing turnovers left and right. Next week, they’re getting walked all over. If the Cardinals can find their stride and the right personnel to execute a consistent defensive scheme, they’ll have a better chance of winning games

5 Win divisional games

The Cardinals play in one of the weakest divisions in the league in the NFC West. The 49ers went 2-14 and the Rams only tallied 4 wins last year. If you’re playing both those teams twice a year, that should be an automatic 4-0. Then, if you split with Seattle and go 5-1 in the division, its a lot easier to put yourself in the position to either win the division or clinch a wildcard spot.

The season starts in just a few days and if the Cardinals can do these 5 things, they’ll be in good shape. You can bet the members of 600 Global will be watching.


5 Things The Arizona Cardinals Need To Do to Win [List]

Happy 18th Birthday 600 Global! Interview with our CEO [PART 3]


Back in April, we began an interview mini-series with the founder of 600 Global in celebration of our company’s 18th anniversary. This month, we caught up with Michael again to learn a little more about the people and practices that help him reach his own goals and have positioned him to guide others in fulfilling their own.

Now the CEO of a company with over 80 offices and approximately 600 employees across the United States, he has come a long way from the 10-year-old who wanted to be a fighter pilot after seeing Top Gun. Like many successful individuals, Michael credits much of his success those who have supported and mentored him in his endeavors. He names God, his wife, and Bob Proctor as a few. When it comes to business, he stresses the importance of having a student mentality and never thinking you’re too important to learn from someone.

“I’m a good student of anyone that’s doing a better job than I am. The world is way different than when I started in 1999. I actually learn a ton from newer entrepreneurs, so many of them come to the table with fresh ideas. It’s just like that saying, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.’”


Any employer can testify that it’s vital to trust the people who work for you, and after 18 years in business, Michael knows this all too well. He explains that he’s learned this lesson after giving certain people the benefit of the doubt before they deserved it. “I wanted more for them than they wanted for themselves. But I can only be part of the equation.” It’s through these experiences that he has developed a high standard for what it takes to earn his trust. But he doesn’t believe in mistakes.


“As an entrepreneur, you’re going to try things and they’re not going to work, and you’re just kind of going to go back to the drawing board, learn from it, and keep going.”

These days, he seeks out employees who are self-driven, “down for whatever,” and above all, full of grit. He doesn’t care what you look like, who your dad is, or where you went to college. “Talent loses to grit every time. That’s what I’m looking for. I want a badass.”

Keep an eye out for the conclusion to this series over on the 600 Global blog!


Happy 18th Birthday 600 Global! Interview with our CEO [PART 3]

The 18 Year Anniversary Celebration Continues at 600 Global

As 600 Global (Phoenix, AZ) celebrates their 18th year anniversary, founder, entrepreneur, and small business consultant, Michael has been sharing his thoughts on the journey with us. Choosing the path of entrepreneurship can be seen as risky, but as Michael shared in the first part of this blog mini-series, betting on himself paid off more than risking being laid off on numerous occasions.

With all great risks come great rewards, and the 600 Global story is no different. Every familyindividual who is driven to be an entrepreneur is typically seeking one, or all, of the following; financial freedom, being in control and not being told what and when to do things, freedom of time.

Besides running a successful business for nearly two decades (and helping numerous others do the same), Michael has accomplished all of the above. His wife and he have three beautiful children (for whom Michael was able to attend every doctor’s appointment through their pregnancies) all enrolled in private school, and whom he coaches their soccer and baseball teams. And yes, he is still operating a flourishing business and will help numerous others do the same this year. We aren’t sharing this with you to flash his accomplishments, rather show what’s possible when you take a risk and bet on your own work ethic and ability.

“The greatest reward is knowing that I can take care of my family and that I can take care of the people who work with me.”

Michael has set a goal that by the end of this year he will have helped a total of 100 people successfully open their small business, and he is on track to do so! We found it only appropriate to ask for some advice that he would give a new entrepreneur.

He explained that, first and foremost, you have to respect the fact that you are an entrepreneur and truly run your business, not let your business run you. It’s very common for new business owners to get caught up in all the new responsibilities and forget that they are the one running the show.

Michael also talked to us about working hard to set yourself up for the future. What he meant was that if you work extremely hard early on and set the pace for your people, the effort that you will need to put forth, in the long run, will be immensely less. As a business owner, you need to be the one to bear the weight on your shoulders and be the person that the company can build around he explained, you are your team’s clutch player essentially. As Michael put it – “Be the person who wants the ball when there are only a few seconds left.”

Throughout our time with 600 Global’s leader, there was one key message that we noticed kept coming through; take the risk and bet on yourself. It’s no surprise that the culture that he has created in his Phoenix firm supports just that. Michael, along with the entire leadership team, goes out of their way to build trust amongst coworkers and support their people. Being an employee of 600 Global means you essentially have another family.

“I want to give this message to anyone that reads this: Don’t doubt yourself. People accomplish amazing things all the time that they didn’t even know they could do. You might surprise yourself by what you could become good at. Don’t be afraid to bet on yourself… because you might be pleasantly surprised.”

So, to Michael, 600 Global, and the all of the aspiring entrepreneurs that will bet on themselves, cheers! We wish you many more years of success.

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The 18 Year Anniversary Celebration Continues at 600 Global

Celebrating 18 Years of Entrepreneurial Success at 600 Global

600-Global-Headshot-2Get ready to pop the champagne… 600 Global (Phoenix, AZ) is celebrating their 18th anniversary! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only half of all businesses will survive five years, and only one-third will survive ten years. This is why the 18th anniversary of 600 Global is so impressive. They have defied all odds and continued to thrive, despite a down economy, since the late 90s. We had the chance to pick the brain of the entrepreneur behind their success… take a look!

Our conversation with Michael began by learning about his career path and we found out that he actually began his career in the finance industry. In a world where people are being laid off due to ongoing downsizing, layoffs, and outsourcing, Michael luckily made the decision to change his path.

“I know now that when I wake up every day I have a chance to work – and to also provide work to other people.”

According to him, he would have likely been laid off or forced to relocate, for the two banks that he had worked with prior. One of which, was First Union in Charlotte, NC which was bought out by Wells Fargo. “I’m glad I took the path less traveled by betting on myself,” says Michael. ‘But why this industry?’ we wondered. He explained, in a matter of fact manner, that companies are always going to need sales. If you are able to provide that, you will have longevity, and this is precisely what 600 Global does.

Over the course of his career, Michael has had many noteworthy accomplishments, but to him, nothing is greater than being able to help other people run their businesses successfully. He consults small businesses across the country, to not only help them overcome those labor statistics of failure but, to truly prosper. “I’ve helped people become financially independent and be able to truly live the lives that they want, not just the lives they can afford,” he added. Mentoring these budding entrepreneurs is something that he has found great pleasure in because he is able to help people become who they’ve always wanted to be and fulfill their goals, live their dreams.

“My biggest accomplishment is helping people believe in themselves and getting the best out of people — whether it’s for a week or for fifteen years.”

By the end of 2017, Michael’s goal is to have helped 100 people successfully run their businesses. There has been so much knowledge gained, benefits reaped and people helped over an eighteen-year span in business for 600 Global that we can’t fit it all in one blog post. Our interview with Michael will continue with a second part to this blog mini-series celebrating 18 years of entrepreneurial success!

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Celebrating 18 Years of Entrepreneurial Success at 600 Global

3 Business Lessons From Steve Jobs

giphy6Our management team at 600 Global (Phoenix, AZ) is focused on cultivating the natural abilities of our people to help them discover their true potential. Through ongoing training and business mentoring we believe that by investing in them and their futures, the future of our organization is bright! One of our favorite entrepreneurs to gain inspiration from is Steve Jobs. Here are a few lessons that we’ve taken from him and how we incorporate them into the culture of 600 Global.

Your goal isn’t to make money. Apple’s goal isn’t to make money. Our goal is to design and develop and bring to market good products. We trust as a consequence of that, people will like them, and as another consequence, we’ll make some money. – S. Jobs

In sales, people typically have the mindset that it’s all about turning a dollar. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Our approach is to uncover the needs of our client and customers and simply match the two to find solutions that work for both parties. In doing so, not only do we create a stronger business partnership, but yes, dollars are also turned.

Don’t lose faith. Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith. – S. Jobs

There are many things that will test your faith in yourself, your abilities and your goals. This is why we offer encouragement and support to our employees to help them through those tough times. By not giving up on them, they will learn to not give up on themselves either.

Go for a home run. Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. One home run is much better than two doubles. – S. Jobs

The clients that we represent at 600 Global are some of the biggest players in their industries. It is vital for us to deliver quality results and never lose our integrity. We hold our team to high standards to ensure that they are swinging for the fences rather than hoping for that double.

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3 Business Lessons From Steve Jobs

7 Entrepreneurial Tips for Success

600 Global (Phoenix, AZ) aims to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in every one of our employees. We do so by offering a unique growth opportunity within our firm as well as providing leadership coaching and mentoring to our team. Here are our top seven entrepreneurial tips for success that you can start implementing today!

  1. Stop making excuses At 600 Global we teach our people to own it. Good or bad, take responsibility. We are more concerned with learning than we are with failures, as are all successful entrepreneurs. (See #2 and #3)
  2. Learn from your mistakes We have a saying, if you’re not failing you’re not growing. What we mean by this is that if you aren’t making mistakes you are probably lingering in your comfort zone which doesn’t allow you to learn and improve.
  3. Don’t let failure stop you – In order to succeed you first must fail…probably numerous times. As we already stated in number two, learning from those failures is the most important thing. In sales and business, it’s easy to give up when failure strikes, but we encourage our people to fail forward and fail fast. Learn from those failures and move on quickly.
  4. Remove negative people from your life – Our corporate culture condemns negativity. Everyone has struggles, problems, issues and dilemmas, but how you handle them is a choice. Whether in personal setting or professional, having Debbie Downer around simply pulls you in the opposite direction of your goals.
  5. Think big – Don’t succumb to being average. Here at 600 Global, we push our people to set goals that scare them. Only then will they know what they are truly capable of.
  6. Never sacrifice your values and ethics – Doing what’s right and what is easy are not usually the same thing, but there is undeniably only one way to choose if you are to wind up a success.
  7. Never let other people determine your success – You are the only one who can decide your fate. It’s what you are willing to put in that will determine how far you go. Never, ever let anyone tell you otherwise. In our merit-based company, we embrace this every day.

So there you have it. Our top seven entrepreneurial tips for success. To learn more about the corporate culture of 600 Global that helps instills these beliefs, be sure to check out what it’s like working at our firm.

7 Entrepreneurial Tips for Success